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Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Tech Co Ltd CNI founded in 1996 is a high tech company based on Changchun Institute of Optics Fine Mechanics and Physics of Chinese Academy of Science CNI is dedicated to offer best quality lasers laser systems optical spectrum analyzer teaching and laboratory equipment optical measuring equipment laser processing equipment machine vision and the photoelectric detection etc CNI also design and manufacture precision machinery optical components and optical coating products CNI possesses accountable and dependable service as well as quality products with compact design high reliability excellent performance The products are widely used for scientific...

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sirve532 Nm Laser for Raman SpectroscopyNarrow Linewidth Tunable Dbr LasersHigh Powered Narrow Linewidth LaserYellow Laser for Optical InstrumentNarrow Linewidth Laser ApplicationsSingle Frequency Laser Applicationsgreen laser rifle fallout new vegasUV DPSS Laser for Micro-electronicsNanosecond Laser Ablation of Solidshigh-power double-clad fiber lasersmuLtimode Fiber CoupLed Laser diodehigh power laser therapy neuropathycontrol micro systems laser markingLaser Engraving Machine for CrystalSingle-frequency Laser Applicationsgreen laser cut wedding invitationsblue light vs laser teeth whiteningCustom Narrow Linewidth Fiber LaserGood Quality Fiber Picosecond Lasergreen laser 303 price in bangladeshFluorescence Spectrometer Principlethings to do with high power lasersSingle Frequency Laser Diode 760 NmLaser Source for Raman SpectroscopyLinewidth of Single Frequency LaserSingle Frequency Laser Diode 915 Nmhigh-power zigzag slab lasers priceMode-locked Picosecond Pulsed Laser785 Nm Laser 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factories are used to cutNanosecond Laser Processing of Soda-lime GlassParticle Image Velocimetry Measurement SystemsMid-infrared Laser Applications in Spectroscopynanoparticle doping for high power fiber lasershigh-power fiber lasers based on tandem pumpingnew generation of compact high power disk lasersTunable Laser Diodes and Related Optical Sourceshigh power optically pumped semiconductor lasersVertical Polarization Vs Horizontal Polarizationprecision micromachining with pulsed green laserstailored light 1 high power lasers for productionhigh-power fiber-optic laser beam delivery systemmode field adaptation for high power fiber lasersoptical ablation by high-power short-pulse lasersthe interaction of high-power lasers with plasmasdiffraction limited ultra-high-power fiber lasersDual-microcavity Narrow-linewidth Brillouin Laserhigh average power near-infrared few-cycle lasersultra-large mode area fibers for high power laserspackaging of high power semiconductor lasers pricehigh 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